Big do glasses article: Olympus launch MEG4.0 glasses display

2012-08-04 10:48



Google recently big show like science fiction product Project Glass plan Google glasses, plus the Google I/O 


officially announced that pick up are going to be open to sell. One other end Japan will never fall after people, Olympus MEG 4.0 may be mounted in the published on wearing 


glasses of type display prototype machine, can through bluetooth and action device connectivity, displays related information.

Olympus MEG 4.0 wearing type display prototype 


machine specification table:

Resolution: QVGA (320 x 240 pixels)

Brightness: 10 ~ 2000 CD/m2

Wireless way: Ver2.1 bluetooth

Operating time: 8 hours (in every three minutes to 15 


seconds of continuous display of (or intermittent show), and are about 2 hours)

Weight: below 30 g (including battery)

Size: the 196 mm

After Google published "Project Glass" 


plan, is Google glasses after, Japan Olympus also show MEG 4.0 wearing type display prototype machine. You never say Olympus steal learn Google, Olympus actually since 2005 


released a wearing glasses modelling with the display prototypes.

MEG 4.0 in the beginning modelling for glasses, but in the picture appears like a strip type device in a very 


set of two glasses frame, advocate can be utilized within our way of life, and can and smartphone's connect. Olympus than Google glasses in volume glasses with a great deal of 


big, especially in front with the right side frames, because into battery and board is much more bloated, but Olympus in news release said overall weight only 30 grams, and 


considered balance, as well as other factors.

Olympus as optical giant, is putting into the most radical new optical display technology inside it. Induction wearing type 


displays the only research and progression of the pupil segmentation through optical technology (pupil segmentation シ ー ス ル ー light department), may be in lens on show 


regarding the width on the pupil radius images, and may provide nearly 100% of not covered vision, so might have little effect on the normal watch environment. Another screen 


display brightness of 10 to 2000 CD/m2, can the light intensity corresponding environment, automatic adjust brightness, a minimal power consumption performance. The resolution 


on the monitor is QVGA (320 x 240 pixels).

MEG 4.0 built-in direction and acceleration sensors, also with GPS devices link; And carry bluetooth 2.1 technology, though 


intelligent mobile phones connected, the introduction of more applications. In power performance, Olympus says 8 hours available, test condition is every three minutes to 


fifteen seconds of continuous display of (or intermittent show), and last for about 120 minutes of scores, with this type of small device is anxious, performance is great. But 


what's surprising is MEG 4.0 must have never configuration the camera, somehow Olympus also cried outside the camera manufacturers, not the digital camera field move round type 


displays a some regrettablly.