Coterie tide optician's coming

2012-08-13 11:07

 Recently, fashionable optician's Coterie of an garden in sanlitun there the opening. Coterie active popular culture to the trend on the avant-


garde da, make individual character of high-end Cheap oakley sunglasses for sale 

, give a Hollywood star sought after Dita Eyewear and Oliver Peoples, LUNOR brands, Lady GaGa recent favorite Tart 


Optical, and star brand Karen Walker; Here in addition provide designer brands Prism, Isson and other brands of tide Cheap Oakley Frogskin.

Recently, hankyung was some kinda pro, blacks 


attend hunan satellite TV "happy camp", in China and The philipines have black these programs passion to embrace the picture. With sufficient reason for kiss? Think that many 


people haven't seen, it happened that's a large amount of your kissing in public, to generate people arriving, and this includes much more big stars.

2012 new Cheap oakley sunglasses  trend, qiu 


dong restore ancient ways with exaggerated modelling is suffers bestow favor on. Within the design of picture frame heartily in restoring ancient ways flowery changeful style 


and the design idea, its leg detail place inventive and innovative delicate design, to enhance a minimal-key costly fashion. And the new season trend more daring and bright, 


each brand from your material, modelling along with color utilization are brought chic surprise!

In recent times plank Oakleyonsale for popular, new material also gradually into your 


everybody's eyes and gradually turn into a trend and fashion, superb production process to the characteristics of the new material more play incisively and vividly, like 


aluminium magnesium alloy material, have qualitative light, durable, comfortable and do not fade many characteristics, such as luster natural jade, can better shape fluent line, 


joint face.

TRIOO sincere mirror designer of aluminium magnesium alloy material as outlined by characteristics, irrespective of from material qualitative, modelling and colour 


is applied to the existing a chic surprise, and present an improved wear Stephanie blog experience.