Critics: challenges user habits, and destruction of vision

2012-08-02 09:26


Like forced a don't wear glasses 


wore glasses, Google glasses this product, accept it, must let customers to just accept a use. Therefore, Google glasses also face many questioned.

Georgia institute of 


technology improve the director from the laboratory environment Blair · Wallace Clint, think, put on this sort of glasses, users is only able to into their view from the above 


a compact piece of the area see information, that could produce information can't permit user to get noticable, and enhance the difficulty of person-machine interaction, and the 


section of how big the lens is extremely made for a tiny smooth inspect tip device.

America's critics also believes that Google in recent years will target several of the lack 


of enterprize model of high technology products, focus on the science and technology of high-tech products of research and development, and neglect in the whole enterprise 


structure clear assessment.

Other critics say, Google glasses of facts are not controlled, and constantly "jumped" outside of information may give anyone a challenge, one 


example is, when we speak to friends, could be the screen content scatter your strength. In addition there are worries concerning the glasses will injury to the eyes, can result 


in use while using the eyes of the people to switch their habits, and particularly to the young eyes grow huge brought harm.

Net friend @ QuanYingZe think: "science make life of 


people from walking into a rhythm, and then run trotted around beautiful beautiful scenery. Though, but can't pause and carefully appreciate one eye. Can't stop the creation of 


science and technology, result in the good original is gradually lost. I was as being a little bit more standard, original tiny problems." Reporter YeDan interns ChenYangYang

People e words

Allow the people's congress from the Google teeters within the glasses

Us $1500 ($9500 yuan) a set of glasses, you will buy? The majority I'm afraid the reply is 


no. If the portions of modelling products are a brilliant phone can voice control? The response may is also a dramatically spun sentences.

A visit go through the sky, the 


glasses can present when climate conditions; Walk on tour, the glasses can instruct the map, and automatic navigation; Zhang zhang mouth, can use of text messages and even point 


taking photos with friends and share... Google gives glasses of these functions let many teeters for the National People's Congress. Indeed, this set of described the near 


future technology of life for the majority of in the blueprint for glasses person, it really is too sometime soon, too technology, too is beyond imagination, specially the see 


immediately can realize the function ShaGuaHua related operations.