Designer sunglasses for summer

2012-08-07 10:11

 Summer’s here with summer comes a ball of burning gas that’s bright as sh¡t and hot as f¿ck! Fortunately the simplest way to cover lays inside a 


branded piece of resin that hugs the face lovingly and protects you against the ferocious perils associated with the sun’s rays. So in the interest of protecting up your eyes, 


suggestions photo shoot when camping as well as a few my favorite Stephanie blog that I deem necessary and relevant to the task of keeping your retinas fresh and bouncy!


These Louis 


Vuitton‘s are far and away (one of) one of the best UVA and UVB blockers. There're an aviator style that uses the damier canvas look for add style to their function, a 


polarized lens to shield me, and a square arm for comfort and stability. I enjoy these French frames!

Life without Chanel, is not any life by any means; so my next pair is often 


a blingy set of Chanel’s that we need to give out. The square frames reminds me which i haves hard edge to my metro style but not so much which i’d forget to crimp my 


attention lashes before I left your house. Should you take a close look you can observe diamonds fastened on the screw from the glass, reflecting light into the eyes of 


onlookers while protecting mine. Paparazzi TAKE THAT!!!

These are designers that it must be difficult to live without… Alexander McQueen. A guy I loved a lot as well as the 


same man who designed these vintage Oakleyonsale. The reverse arms allow it to become seem just as if your mind is on upside down and contains been the catalyst to many 


people conversations and friends in recent times. Thanks McQueen!! Oh and also they can be found in an instance which includes eyes internally that seem to be at you while you 


grab your frames. Eerie and sexy at the same time.

There are two pairs of Gucci shades that we are wearing one large black shield that is ideal for leaving your home on those 


seriously hot days or when you are going to be out for some time the location where the sun is blistering. Others certainly are a set of two lighter colored wraparounds that 


have a light GG web that covers the arms and appears great. I have to admit the lighter ones include the most uncomfortable set of Cheap oakley sunglasses for sale

 I own but you are hot so and since 


i have am a fashion blogger… I endure it.

Lastly there exists a pair of Versace’s which might be too cool for school! The edges and arms are encrusted with diamonds along with 


the heavy-duty black helps to protect your vision from harm. These include likely the most simple pair I own when it comes to silhouette but they are fun using the dose of slick 


sparkling crystals. A superb tip to recollect when building your Cheap Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses free shipping wardrobe is usually to diversify in silhouette up to sun glass designers. Looking the same is for the 


birds! Diversify using your style once you get your frame for each day's the week.


Oh… And I had to include my Harry Potter 3-D Cheap oakley sunglasses sale which are the pair that get probably 


the most mileage (obviously). They cook things blurry as hell so after a couple of martinis I merely take them off and there's no difference.