Glasses will not be greater expensive, the higher quality

2012-08-16 11:37

 From the medical community often known as "mismatched Cheap oakley sunglasses for sale

 is equivalent to consume the wrong medicine" view, but 


there are always partial businessman to excessive pursuit of product profit, pick the customer's health to disregard, blindly to customers recommend the merchandise rich in 


price, this besides injury to the buyer body, more wear a merchant's basic business integrity.


In reference to his own body to blame for the principle, anticipate to have 


glasses demand friend head over to normal hospital or have aptitude of enormous optical shop matching Cheap oakley sunglasses. Simultaneously, produce your own . that relevant departments to 


strengthen market supervision, on the average person to provide a healthy and safe shopping environment.


Spend high price bought a set of glasses wear following your vision 


wouldn't improve, but produced a sense vertigo. Binzhou citizens for the reporter sun reflect, she yesterday in the bohai sea seven road a nearby optician, match a set of the 


purchase price won't poor oakley sunglasses cheap, took a short time have dizzy feeling, ask optical shop, the store assistant is normal reaction, accommodate 2 or 3 days. Following your sun 


attended a hospital checking, unexpectedly found himself with that set of glasses, degrees than his eyes actual myopic degree more than 100 degrees.


"I became Stephanie blog, they 


used a musical instrument measuring the amount if you ask me, and i want to viewed the chart, after which laughed and said that the degree, let me to select lens, I said I 


didn't understand what sort of lens is good, they recommended me for a few, the retail price is within three hundred to in excess of six hundred differ, also informed me the 


price high lens to eyes better, I will set a paragraph 500 and sixty. Add picture frame altogether spent seven hundred and thirty." Sun said, "I only wear during their visit, a 


persons vision and rise and acid, see nearly some things still dizzy, before take off Oakleyonsale in the news after the word I basic could also see, now all cannot see."




experience: the greater their education the expense of a lot more expensive.The reporter involves sun glasses for the optician. Take the door, a clerk enthusiasm to satisfy, 


and asked about is glasses or replace glasses components, reporters would like to match a couple of glasses, the clerk let reporters to optometry first.


Reporters followed a 


clerk with a optometry indoor, in a instrument have a seat before computer optometry, is actually visual chart to reporter test again, the end result is the left eye 200 


degrees, 275 degrees inside the right eye. Reporter in the offshore than establishing affiliated hospital of medical detection left eye 150 degrees, right eye 175 degrees, 


respectively higher than 50 degrees and 100 degrees. Next the assistant bring a novel with lens price and types of book, allow the reporters choose lens. Within this book, the 


reporter found that your certain model of lens, 225 degrees Celsius, the cost is 408 yuan, 225 degrees to 325 degrees, the value is 438 yuan, degree is higher, the more 


expensive the price. Other brand lens also in accordance with different degree, plus the price had different examples of improvement.


The reporter also located HuangHeSan near 


the road of two optical shop, when reporters arrived at glasses, two optical shop to reporters first optometry, and two optical shop detection as opposed to amount of degrees a 


reporter inside hospital detection degrees are improved.