Google glasses release: eyes usually takes pictures coming FaWei bo

2012-08-04 10:25


Google Oakleyonsale go "cool" wind.


Figure Aaron and son play of the paparazzi figure.


Father and son to try out ball.


Soon after, whether in near-sighted and wearing a couple glasses will likely be online fashion.


According to the report, north america patent and trademark office has just approved the apple a patent, necessary . is "employed to wearing the periphery on the display equipment processing method", involving by having a view display device, the look projected towards user's eye. From your description the contents see, the patent technology principle and Google intelligent Stephanie blog have many similarities.


Although thought contrasting, old consumer electronics enterprise SONY even offers a commercial applications wearing type products, "ZhongXingPengYue" under, liberation of hands wearing type equipment the best way far from us? Actually it may not be far at all.


This time around, Google lead.


Parachuting release Google glasses


Last month, is well known in the industry as "and cool and handsome" of Google glasses publishing process through the web page Youtube about the global broadcast, countless viewers worldwide online simultaneously watching. Might be had the glasses in the industry with the influence in the evaluation, Google just for this scene design the quite possess the "mission: impossible" type of release scene.

Google co-founder sergey? Sergey in assembly suddenly wearing glasses inside the to the platform, silver screen simultaneously hit image, is Google some other employees wearing the glasses in S . fransisco the airship in preparation for any parachute video, the picture is additionally through Google glasses real-time time for the meeting. Several parachutist jumps off, the image towards the parachutist perspective of live.


For rendering dramatic effect, the parachutist in congress held venues moss health center roof after landing, intelligent glasses to small round could be the bicycle amateur, rogues ride on the top dive, a ground after the air roller, bicycle riders will again this intelligence to professional climbers glasses, and climbers from conference center exterior wall later dropped, moreover a couple of slips the bike rider, rapid rushed to the opera glasses and will also be deliver to sergey hands.


The full process, Google glasses first live view had not been interrupted, and in the perspective of five individuals switch. The audience therefore boiling, a ovation in succession, the atmosphere reached an optimum.


But then the glasses immediately announced price let everyone smiling out: the glasses pricing for $1500 (about 9536 yuan), cloth LinJieShao said the most up-to-date show Cheap oakley sunglasses for sale

 is "explorer" version, only Google developer rather than face final consumer is anticipated to provide goods beginning early pick up. This version is principally convenient developers targeted development of various "glasses APP", in order to explore the greater rich USES glasses. The original needs to wear glasses of users, and may be directly caught in the appendix from the existing glasses version can make.


Google's intelligence because of the high-tech company portions of the creativity research and development "Google X" laboratory development, project by sergey dominant, the topic is a root wear in eyebrow steel line is within the right, can be a small smooth inspect in advance of appearance, it appears to be a star trek type science fiction style.


The eye may take pictures coming FaWei bo


In line with Google's design, such a glasses sets smartphone, GPS, camera for a suit, in user eyes show real-time information, given that a persons vision can upload pictures coming FaWei bo, sending and receiving texting, inquires the elements and traffic operation.


Google a video shows the video glasses on wonderful application, a male in Nyc for a walk in the pub, to chat with friends, read a atlas check information, might take photographs. In the long run in the video, the man is within women friend sunset film chat. Several came to be inside baby, throughout the video to relatives across the demo.


Pretty much everything is thru the creation of real Oakley Active Sunglasses.

A little bit ago, Google V.P. in micro bo tulum was launched with Google glasses shot in the tear sheets, the effects may be in comparison to card camera. Figure Aaron and son play to take this photo. He was caught son of hands, spin around, concurrently utilize the glasses shot son expression at that time. This photo later on the internet + within the crazy, and even by Google co-founder plug auspicious? Sergey (Sergey Brin) forwarding, called "the truly amazing shot". Picture information demonstrates this photo resolution of 2048 x 1536, which means that Google glasses of the digital camera pixel is all about 3.2 million. Although display quality go, but pass a first person taking pictures of real experience.


The other day, taobao has stores started to available to booking a Google intelligent glasses, prices are all the way to 13000 yuan, owner says, the open to booking of Google Cheap oakley sunglasses on sale should come from part to developers selling early delicious jabuticaba Popsicle method of getting goods.