Neff Vision Named Official Eyewear Sponsor of 2012 Nike US Open of Surf

2012-07-30 09:59

 Neff, a respected active lifestyle brand, announced today that its new eyewear category Neff Vision is definitely the Official Sponsor on the upcoming Nike US Open of Surfing? in Huntington Beach taking place July 28th through Aug 5th.


Through the weeklong event, Neff will probably be offering the complete brand experience close to 750,000 action sports fans that attend using a consentrate on their new highly anticipated eyewear line. Along with debuting the Vision collection on the event, Neff are likewise hooking up the masses with free gear at their onsite booth in the US Open and using their kiosk in front of the legendary Jack's Surfboards on Main St. Fans also can calculate appearances from Neff's Pro Surf Team who will be out in full force with the contest.


"We're proud for being the state eyewear sponsor of the iconic action sports event such as the US Open of Surfing," said Shaun Neff, founder of Neff Headwear. " This really shows our commitment to Neff Vision and the chance for our brand in this category".


The Vision collection could be the latest addition to Neff's always-expanding line of products of innovative and unique styles. With four bold designs under $60, some of which feature polarized lenses and acetate frames, Neff Vision offers consumers to be able to jump out from the crowd without breaking your banker.