The Fusion Super Wings form component of many cycling specific eyewear from Catlike.

2012-08-10 15:12

 We've been ticking over the reviews since last 


summer with many Catlikes scoring pretty high. Unfortunately, a peculiar fit and poor eye protection mean the Fusion Super Wing just don't hit the mark.


Not all of us are able 


to afford Oakleyonsale, and equally not all of us want Oakleys. Thankfully, choosing cycling-specific Stephanie blog across a range of prices is expanding. Catlike carry an appealing 


sale price close to £75, driving them to reasonably limited, Pro Tour associated brand for substantially under other big names. In addition you can get a helmet to complement, 


should you be like that inclined, completing your road look with style.


Oakley Active Sunglasses are among the most crucial pieces of kit, in addition to being much in winter as summer. Over 


four hours on the sunless but cold and blustery winter's day it is only essential to maintain up your eyes which is traveling in bright sunlight; same part of the body, 


different enemy. Insufficient eye protection is unfortunately a serious downfall these Cheap oakley sunglasses sale. The fit from the nose piece means the lenses sit too much, which not simply 


looks peculiar but means about 30% from the lens is protecting your eyebrows, not your eyeballs. Because of non-adjustable nose clip it is seriously worth checking body before 




My gripes don't stop there. The arms from the frames are generally pointed by the end, plus the fit is slightly too tight for my head, despite only requiring a medium 


lid. Within the duration of an ride the Fusion Super Wings actually became quite uncomfortable. When taking them off, the arms firmly spring into place. It indicates it is 


simple to stab yourself inside eye using the ends of the frames. To make sure i gave these to an authorized to try. And not mention my difficulties with the Oakley Sport Sunglasees he 


diagnosed a similar troubles within seconds. They can be removed without harm if you retrieve the arms to guide them away from your face, but whilst riding and racing you are 


often in times where that isn't possible. Personally one handed operation is essential. I merely found this aspect dangerous.


Looks are subjective and definately will often 


divide opinion. I doubt it here. The Fusion Super Wing's large plastic clip-on sideburns are 'different' and completely unnecessary; more sci-fi than cycle-sport. A quick Google 


image search in the product will reveal no pictures of people actually putting them on. Interesting.


It's not all not so good for Catlike; there are some good features. The 


Fusion Super Wings feature a selection of lens options, within the price, plus they are fairly easy to switch, while not fully confidence-inspiring. The well-made storage zip-


case is really a nice feature too. The lenses and frames are well protected and easy to store without risk of scratching or damaging anything; plus convenient enough to chuck 


within a kitbag.