What's hot in golf: Flash the eyewear associated with an Olympian

2012-08-10 15:11

 ou don't put this device in your golf bag.

You wear it.

The brand new RadarLock sunglasses by Oakley really are 


a technological wonder for the eyes. Featuring a resourceful Switchlock technology which makes changing the high-definition lenses fast and hassle-free, anybody can now adapt 


his / her vision to any environment encountered. Joined with lots of different premium lens tints featuring impressive durability and remarkable clarity, the comfortable 


sunglasses pack a serious punch for ones vision — and remove the sun being a handicap within the world of golf while protecting your eyes.

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Olympians certainly think the glasses really are a perfect fit on fields of play. A huge selection of athletes inside the London Summer Games will venture for the Oakley 


Safehouse based in the top two floors from the London Design Museum around the Thames River to test out or adapt existing glasses. Athletes for example Lolo Jones, Kerri Walsh-


Jennings, Javier Gomez, Bryan Clay and others from sports which range from rowing to cycling to tennis, shooting and track and field are hoped for to wear the RadarLocks.



fits and among the business's mission — in the event the glasses aren't up to scratch to the world's best athletes, they are not suitable proper. Those athletes include golfers 


— as well as it immediately noticeable that glare through the sun isn't a match for your glasses, so gone will be the have to squint while standing more than a 4-iron that has 


got to clear a hazard.

The glasses have a switch mechanism that releases the mounted lens in order that it could be replaced. The advanced mounting system supports the 


interchangeable lenses securely set up without subtle, yet damaging, bending, which may alter optical properties and cause visual distortion.

Further, the frames — that can 


come in the assortment of colors and styles — consist of an durable, lightweight matter, and will include components that increase grip even though encountering perspiration. 


Too, multiple interchangeable nose pads offer more comfort.