Why You Should Own A Vintage Handbag

2012-08-30 16:54

 Anybody can buy the latest handbag and easily pair it with an outfit; it takes a fashionista to pair a vintage handbag with the latest trends and styles Oakley Holbrook Outlet. Old school glamour can be paired with new age trends. Designer it bags from the 80s and earlier can add a kitschy touch to your outfit. Your unique vintage purse doesn't have to be worn with all vintage get up. In fact, you will garner more attention if your distinctive bag isn't competing with your other fashion accessories or clothing. But just when can you carry a vintage handbag Oakley Sunglasses outlet?Dress Up or Holiday: One of the most obvious and easiest ways to use a vintage handbag is for a dressy occasion or holiday affair (note that holiday is meant as the time between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day). For these events you may be interested in leaving your heaping hobo tote or massive carryall at home. Elegant attire demands elegant accessories. Handbags from the 1930s-60s are exquisite and downright elegant. Use small clutch purses and frail beaded handbags to hold minor, but necessary objects such as keys, lipstick, and credit cards.Travel: Hardtop vintage handbags can also be used as carry on luggage during your travel. Straw purses, sturdy wool bags, and hardtop suitcases are perfect for carrying your belongings and looking fashionable. If you do choose to use a vintage suitcase or handbag on your travels, make sure it's a purse that can be cleaned easily and an item that you won't mourn for should it be (knock on wood) lost during transit.Everyday: Yes, you can use vintage purses for everyday use without looking as if you stepped out of a time machine. Remember: you don't have to be dressed in items from the time period. Your vintage purse should accent your outfit'not raise eyebrows. A simple Kelly green kisslock doctor satchel purse can be paired with a black and white strapped wrap dress. A circular baguette vintage purse can be worn with a car coat, patterned tights, and ballet flats Oakley Sunglasses Cheap. You can easily channel an Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O look with modern pieces and vintage handbags from these stylish eras.Bits & Pieces: Simple vintage accessories can also exude fashionable flair. For instance a vintage sunglass case can be transformed into a lipstick case or coin purse. Beaded or feathered coin purses can hold Kleenex and hair accessories. Funky compact mirrors can also add zest to your black purse or business briefcase Cheap Oakley Sunglasses. We're positive that you can find many reasons to use these vintage bits and pieces to add flavor to your personal lifestyle Oakley Flak Jacket Outlet.The most popular place to find vintage purses, handbags, and accessories is at yard sales, thrift stores, estate sales, and consignment stores. Remember that you can also search online for true vintage and vintage inspired pieces. Use our search engine to find an extraordinary vintage handbag that will transform your look.