Big do glasses article: Olympus launch MEG4.0 glasses display

2012-08-04 10:48



Google recently big show like science fiction product Project Glass plan Google glasses, plus the Google I/O 


officially announced that pick up are going to be open to sell. One other end Japan will never fall after people, Olympus MEG 4.0 may be mounted in the published on wearing 


glasses of type display prototype machine, can through bluetooth and action device connectivity, displays related information.

Olympus MEG 4.0 wearing type display prototype 


machine specification table:

Resolution: QVGA (320 x 240 pixels)

Brightness: 10 ~ 2000 CD/m2

Wireless way: Ver2.1 bluetooth

Operating time: 8 hours (in every three minutes to 15 


seconds of continuous display of (or intermittent show), and are about 2 hours)

Weight: below 30 g (including battery)

Size: the 196 mm

After Google published "Project Glass" 


plan, is Google glasses after, Japan Olympus also show MEG 4.0 wearing type display prototype machine. You never say Olympus steal learn Google, Olympus actually since 2005 


released a wearing glasses modelling with the display prototypes.

MEG 4.0 in the beginning modelling for glasses, but in the picture appears like a strip type device in a very 


set of two glasses frame, advocate can be utilized within our way of life, and can and smartphone's connect. Olympus than Google glasses in volume glasses with a great deal of 


big, especially in front with the right side frames, because into battery and board is much more bloated, but Olympus in news release said overall weight only 30 grams, and 


considered balance, as well as other factors.

Olympus as optical giant, is putting into the most radical new optical display technology inside it. Induction wearing type 


displays the only research and progression of the pupil segmentation through optical technology (pupil segmentation シ ー ス ル ー light department), may be in lens on show 


regarding the width on the pupil radius images, and may provide nearly 100% of not covered vision, so might have little effect on the normal watch environment. Another screen 


display brightness of 10 to 2000 CD/m2, can the light intensity corresponding environment, automatic adjust brightness, a minimal power consumption performance. The resolution 


on the monitor is QVGA (320 x 240 pixels).

MEG 4.0 built-in direction and acceleration sensors, also with GPS devices link; And carry bluetooth 2.1 technology, though 


intelligent mobile phones connected, the introduction of more applications. In power performance, Olympus says 8 hours available, test condition is every three minutes to 


fifteen seconds of continuous display of (or intermittent show), and last for about 120 minutes of scores, with this type of small device is anxious, performance is great. But 


what's surprising is MEG 4.0 must have never configuration the camera, somehow Olympus also cried outside the camera manufacturers, not the digital camera field move round type 


displays a some regrettablly.





Google glasses release: eyes usually takes pictures coming FaWei bo

2012-08-04 10:25


Google Oakleyonsale go "cool" wind.


Figure Aaron and son play of the paparazzi figure.


Father and son to try out ball.


Soon after, whether in near-sighted and wearing a couple glasses will likely be online fashion.


According to the report, north america patent and trademark office has just approved the apple a patent, necessary . is "employed to wearing the periphery on the display equipment processing method", involving by having a view display device, the look projected towards user's eye. From your description the contents see, the patent technology principle and Google intelligent Stephanie blog have many similarities.


Although thought contrasting, old consumer electronics enterprise SONY even offers a commercial applications wearing type products, "ZhongXingPengYue" under, liberation of hands wearing type equipment the best way far from us? Actually it may not be far at all.


This time around, Google lead.


Parachuting release Google glasses


Last month, is well known in the industry as "and cool and handsome" of Google glasses publishing process through the web page Youtube about the global broadcast, countless viewers worldwide online simultaneously watching. Might be had the glasses in the industry with the influence in the evaluation, Google just for this scene design the quite possess the "mission: impossible" type of release scene.

Google co-founder sergey? Sergey in assembly suddenly wearing glasses inside the to the platform, silver screen simultaneously hit image, is Google some other employees wearing the glasses in S . fransisco the airship in preparation for any parachute video, the picture is additionally through Google glasses real-time time for the meeting. Several parachutist jumps off, the image towards the parachutist perspective of live.


For rendering dramatic effect, the parachutist in congress held venues moss health center roof after landing, intelligent glasses to small round could be the bicycle amateur, rogues ride on the top dive, a ground after the air roller, bicycle riders will again this intelligence to professional climbers glasses, and climbers from conference center exterior wall later dropped, moreover a couple of slips the bike rider, rapid rushed to the opera glasses and will also be deliver to sergey hands.


The full process, Google glasses first live view had not been interrupted, and in the perspective of five individuals switch. The audience therefore boiling, a ovation in succession, the atmosphere reached an optimum.


But then the glasses immediately announced price let everyone smiling out: the glasses pricing for $1500 (about 9536 yuan), cloth LinJieShao said the most up-to-date show Cheap oakley sunglasses for sale

 is "explorer" version, only Google developer rather than face final consumer is anticipated to provide goods beginning early pick up. This version is principally convenient developers targeted development of various "glasses APP", in order to explore the greater rich USES glasses. The original needs to wear glasses of users, and may be directly caught in the appendix from the existing glasses version can make.


Google's intelligence because of the high-tech company portions of the creativity research and development "Google X" laboratory development, project by sergey dominant, the topic is a root wear in eyebrow steel line is within the right, can be a small smooth inspect in advance of appearance, it appears to be a star trek type science fiction style.


The eye may take pictures coming FaWei bo


In line with Google's design, such a glasses sets smartphone, GPS, camera for a suit, in user eyes show real-time information, given that a persons vision can upload pictures coming FaWei bo, sending and receiving texting, inquires the elements and traffic operation.


Google a video shows the video glasses on wonderful application, a male in Nyc for a walk in the pub, to chat with friends, read a atlas check information, might take photographs. In the long run in the video, the man is within women friend sunset film chat. Several came to be inside baby, throughout the video to relatives across the demo.


Pretty much everything is thru the creation of real Oakley Active Sunglasses.

A little bit ago, Google V.P. in micro bo tulum was launched with Google glasses shot in the tear sheets, the effects may be in comparison to card camera. Figure Aaron and son play to take this photo. He was caught son of hands, spin around, concurrently utilize the glasses shot son expression at that time. This photo later on the internet + within the crazy, and even by Google co-founder plug auspicious? Sergey (Sergey Brin) forwarding, called "the truly amazing shot". Picture information demonstrates this photo resolution of 2048 x 1536, which means that Google glasses of the digital camera pixel is all about 3.2 million. Although display quality go, but pass a first person taking pictures of real experience.


The other day, taobao has stores started to available to booking a Google intelligent glasses, prices are all the way to 13000 yuan, owner says, the open to booking of Google Cheap oakley sunglasses on sale should come from part to developers selling early delicious jabuticaba Popsicle method of getting goods.



2012-08-02 09:31

 What’s hot in golf: Flash some Olympic Oakleyonsale

You don’t put this product with your golf bag.


You put it on.


The brand new RadarLock sunglasses by Cheap oakley sunglasses for sale 

 certainly are a technological wonder to your eyes. Featuring a resourceful Switchlock technology that creates changing the high-definition lenses fast and hassle-free, it's possible to now adapt their vision to any environment encountered. Coupled with a variety of premium lens tints featuring impressive durability and remarkable clarity, the comfortable sunglasses pack an amazing punch to your vision — and eliminate the sun as a handicap within the golf course while protecting your vision.


Olympians certainly think the glasses are a perfect fit on their fields of play. A huge selection of athletes within the London Summer Games will venture towards the Stephanie blog Safehouse perfectly found on the top two floors with the London Design Museum for the Thames River to test out or adapt existing glasses. Athletes including Lolo Jones, Kerri Walsh-Jennings, Javier Gomez, Bryan Clay as well as others from sports including rowing to cycling to tennis, shooting and track and field are required to wear the RadarLocks.


This fits and among the company’s mission — if the glasses aren’t suitable for that world’s best athletes, they are not adequate for everyone. Those athletes include golfers — plus it’s immediately noticeable that glare on the sun is no match for that Cheap oakley sunglasses

, so there won't be any need to squint while standing over a 4-iron that must clear a hazard.


The Oakley Active Sunglasses

 include a switch mechanism that releases the mounted lens in order that it could be replaced. The advanced mounting system sports ths interchangeable lenses securely in situ without subtle, yet damaging, bending, that may alter optical properties and cause visual distortion.


Further, the frames — that can come within an assortment of styles and colors — are composed of an durable, lightweight matter, you need to include components that increase grip no matter if encountering perspiration. Also, multiple interchangeable nose pads offer more comfort.

Critics: challenges user habits, and destruction of vision

2012-08-02 09:26


Like forced a don't wear glasses 


wore glasses, Google glasses this product, accept it, must let customers to just accept a use. Therefore, Google glasses also face many questioned.

Georgia institute of 


technology improve the director from the laboratory environment Blair · Wallace Clint, think, put on this sort of glasses, users is only able to into their view from the above 


a compact piece of the area see information, that could produce information can't permit user to get noticable, and enhance the difficulty of person-machine interaction, and the 


section of how big the lens is extremely made for a tiny smooth inspect tip device.

America's critics also believes that Google in recent years will target several of the lack 


of enterprize model of high technology products, focus on the science and technology of high-tech products of research and development, and neglect in the whole enterprise 


structure clear assessment.

Other critics say, Google glasses of facts are not controlled, and constantly "jumped" outside of information may give anyone a challenge, one 


example is, when we speak to friends, could be the screen content scatter your strength. In addition there are worries concerning the glasses will injury to the eyes, can result 


in use while using the eyes of the people to switch their habits, and particularly to the young eyes grow huge brought harm.

Net friend @ QuanYingZe think: "science make life of 


people from walking into a rhythm, and then run trotted around beautiful beautiful scenery. Though, but can't pause and carefully appreciate one eye. Can't stop the creation of 


science and technology, result in the good original is gradually lost. I was as being a little bit more standard, original tiny problems." Reporter YeDan interns ChenYangYang

People e words

Allow the people's congress from the Google teeters within the glasses

Us $1500 ($9500 yuan) a set of glasses, you will buy? The majority I'm afraid the reply is 


no. If the portions of modelling products are a brilliant phone can voice control? The response may is also a dramatically spun sentences.

A visit go through the sky, the 


glasses can present when climate conditions; Walk on tour, the glasses can instruct the map, and automatic navigation; Zhang zhang mouth, can use of text messages and even point 


taking photos with friends and share... Google gives glasses of these functions let many teeters for the National People's Congress. Indeed, this set of described the near 


future technology of life for the majority of in the blueprint for glasses person, it really is too sometime soon, too technology, too is beyond imagination, specially the see 


immediately can realize the function ShaGuaHua related operations.

Neff Vision Named Official Eyewear Sponsor of 2012 Nike US Open of Surf

2012-07-30 09:59

 Neff, a respected active lifestyle brand, announced today that its new eyewear category Neff Vision is definitely the Official Sponsor on the upcoming Nike US Open of Surfing? in Huntington Beach taking place July 28th through Aug 5th.


Through the weeklong event, Neff will probably be offering the complete brand experience close to 750,000 action sports fans that attend using a consentrate on their new highly anticipated eyewear line. Along with debuting the Vision collection on the event, Neff are likewise hooking up the masses with free gear at their onsite booth in the US Open and using their kiosk in front of the legendary Jack's Surfboards on Main St. Fans also can calculate appearances from Neff's Pro Surf Team who will be out in full force with the contest.


"We're proud for being the state eyewear sponsor of the iconic action sports event such as the US Open of Surfing," said Shaun Neff, founder of Neff Headwear. " This really shows our commitment to Neff Vision and the chance for our brand in this category".


The Vision collection could be the latest addition to Neff's always-expanding line of products of innovative and unique styles. With four bold designs under $60, some of which feature polarized lenses and acetate frames, Neff Vision offers consumers to be able to jump out from the crowd without breaking your banker.

Neff Vision Named Official Eyewear Sponsor of 2012 Nike US Open of Surf

2012-07-30 09:57

 Neff, a respected active lifestyle brand, announced today that its new eyewear category Neff Vision is definitely the Official Sponsor with the upcoming Nike US Open of Surfing? in Huntington Beach going on July 28th through Aug 5th.


Throughout the weeklong event, Neff are going to be providing the complete brand experience to in excess of 750,000 action sports fans that attend that has a give attention to their new highly anticipated eyewear line. Along with debuting the Vision collection in the event, Neff will also be starting up the masses with free gear at their onsite booth for the US Open and using their kiosk before the legendary Jack's Surfboards on Main St. Fans could also trust in appearances from Neff's Pro Surf Team who will be in full force with the contest.


"We're proud being the official eyewear sponsor of the iconic action sports event such as the US Open of Surfing," said Shaun Neff, founder of Neff Headwear. " This really shows our persistence for Neff Vision plus the chance for our brand with this category".


The Vision collection will be the latest addition to Neff's always-expanding products of innovative and unique styles. With four bold designs under $60, some of which feature polarized lenses and acetate frames, Neff Vision offers consumers an opportunity to stand out inside crowd having to break the financial institution.


Oakley Sunglasses for ladies

2012-07-30 09:54



In order to enhance the girl eyeglasses to view all of us not to mention style declaration. Never to your investment actual reason behind sporting 


the sonnies. Vibrant sunlight as well as glare. This is why why women's Cheap oakley sunglasses 

 therefore well-liked these people introduced functionality in addition to style 


collectively.There's anything for each and every lady in the choice of Oakley Sunglasses.The particular Breathless Shades are made to demonstrate the actual elegance and also 


self-confidence. They've a good extremely gentle body, three-point match for those evening comfort and ease and also filter almost all UV,optimized peripheral vision with six-


base lens curvature. Impact resistance meets basic standards and Cheap Oakley Active Sunglasses free shipping 

 contain a case of eye-wear exclusively.The particular display Polarized Shades is actually unique styles 


and also outspoken, they're distinctively womanly. Together with Hi-d Polarized contacts, they supply the 99% polarized effectiveness, optimized peripheral eyesight as well as 


six-base telephoto lens curvature. Effect opposition fulfills fundamental requirements as well as eyeglasses possess a situation related to eye-wear solely.LIV Cheap oakley sunglasses for sale 



provide high-definition optics along with Platonize standard zoom lens materials as a way to filer away almost all UV whilst also provides quite a few area and also gentle 


tranny. They're really womanly, effect opposition fulfill fundamental requirements, providing each of the conveniences linked to right now whilst additionally becoming ultra-


lightweight together with eye-to-use situation incorporated.Iridium Women's Dart Sunglasses function womanly body, comprehensive depends along with steel symbols webbing. 


They're 100% UV blocking whilst increasing clearness whatsoever perspectives eyesight together with trademarked optics. Eye-to-use situation incorporated.Oakleyonsale


affords the ease as well as sturdiness, they're outlined through the sleek shape of the solitary constant telephoto lens. Your Hd Optics give you a broad peripheral check out. 


They're light-weight and may turn out to be made with optionally available gradient zoom lens covering. Eyeglasses assist safeguard the specific eye through sunshine harm; 


absolutely no Ultra-violet rays allow it to become via optical Platonize telephoto lens materials.Whichever style of cheapsunglassesdeal you ultimately choose, you'll purchase 


high quality cup that gives your individual eye usually are an excellent safety. They're made for coziness together with functionality whilst additionally becoming 


fashionable,you'll invest in high quality glass which offers up your eyes are a great protection.Stephanie blog They are suitable for comfort and practicality whilst being 



Sunglasses - A brief history

2012-07-28 14:53

  The birth of sunglasses is of Chinese origin as an accessory that had been never ever created to block sun rays as they are now. For many people 


centuries it had been routine for Judges in China to adorn tinted quartz lenses in order to hide their eye expressions within court rooms so as to maintain secrecy about his or 


her leanings in the court cases. It wasnt until the 20th century that Stephanie blog as you may know located the fore being an invention with the entrepreneur Sam Foster in 1929. 


The first couple of sunglasses were put on sale in Atlanta, Nj-new jersey and inside year that followed Oakleyonsale became important accessory for all those in the community, 


particularly if you spent their time within the beach.


 The subsequent key event in the good reputation for sunglasses followed in 1936 when sunglasses were polarized making 


them a safer product to wear when experiencing the gaze with the sun. This advance took place with the endeavours with the Army Air Corps in 1930 who developed polarized 


spectacles so that you can protect pilots on the dangers of glare at high altitudes. The smart invention emereged as the result of perfection from the special green tint that 


absorbed light which fell into your yellow band with the spectrum creating the polarized effect.

 Like a fairly low key phenomena in the us and inside the military, it was not 


until the 1960s a chic sunglasses ad campaign ran from the comb and glass firm of Foster Grant encouraged well-known fashion designers, in addition to Hollywood stars to 


escalate the sunglass craze in the 70s using their brand-name lines.

 In a very relatively short period of your time the giant Cheap oakley sunglasses on sale 

 industry was born where not many 


decades earlier none existed. Just like how women since ancient times hid seductively behind an expanded fan or possibly a dipped parasol, the modern woman discovered an allure 


in wearing sunglasses, no matter the attributes of avoiding solar glare.

 Generally in most recent times sunglasses have utilised technology with Oakley Sunglasses adding a very 


good music player on their Cheap oakley sunglasses 

 as well as a variety of Japanese prototypes emerging that carry a tiny interface from the lenses. Whilst still with a conceptual stage the 


thought of being able to connect to some type of computer and connect to the net over the lenses inside your glasses and control the interface with neuron connection just isn't 


hundreds of miles away. If further advances are manufactured with Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses  

 it'd mark the completion of a remarkable journey in the court rooms of China through to cyberspace 


via simple eye protection and a tool to support air to air combat!

Protective Eyewear Can Fend off Injuries in Young Athletes

2012-07-28 14:46

 Doctors warn of spike in sports-related eye injuries with start of training season

Newswise — While using summer 


drawing with an end as well as the academic year fever currently brewing, pediatric eye specialists with the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center along with the Wilmer Eye Institute 


are sounding the alarm on a preventable yet only too common occurrence — sports-related eye injuries.

August is Children’s Eye Safety and health Month, and pediatricians 


should counsel parents, coaches and young athletes concerning the perils associated with eye injuries and urge those to consider protective goggles, for high-risk sports 


including fencing, boxing, soccer, basketball, softball, lacrosse and baseball.

“As training season begins, so when children resume practice, emergency rooms nationwide may see 


an influx of eye injuries from sports — yet most if these injuries are highly preventable by putting on protective goggles,” says pediatric ophthalmologist Michael X. Repka, 


M.D., of the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute and deputy director of ophthalmology at Hopkins Children’s Center.

Worn consistently, safety eyewear can prevent nine outside of 


10 injuries, the pros say. Mild injuries, for example lid bruises and corneal abrasions, usually cause no lasting damage, but serious eye traumas might have lasting effects. 


E.g., high-impact injuries may cause internal bleeding or fracture the bone around the eye, which might require surgery.

“Eye injuries while very young can have serious and 


life-long consequences with the young athlete which are beyond missing a sport or two and can sometimes cause permanent damage to our eyes and decrease in vision,” Repka says.

Eye injuries will be the leading reason for blindness in children in the usa with a lot of eye injuries in school-age children occurring during sports using the National 


Institutes of Health. Some 100,000 sports eye injuries occur every year, with children making up nearly 1 / 2 the instances, research shows. Also, children account for a third 


of most eye traumas requiring hospitalization good Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Protective eyewear includes safety glasses, goggles, shields and eye guards. 


Regular prescription glasses don't offer adequate protection for almost all sports, experts say, and all sorts of sports eyewear really should be sports-specific. For youngsters 


who wear prescription glasses, safety goggles may be custom-designed to match the prescription, Repka says.

The Hopkins experts recommend the subsequent steps to help you 


minimize the chance for serious damage to our eyes:

? Keep your child wears protective eyewear during practice and games.

? Consult an ophthalmologist or an optometrist to 


view which forms of protective glasses should be fitted to a specific sport.

? Make a point your child has regular eye screenings and exams, if the pharmacist has problems.

Seek immediate medical help if your child has any of the following:

? Cuts or punctures on the eye

? Redness, itching or irritation with the eyes

? Discharge or excessive 


tearing in a or both eyes

? Swelling of the eye or perhaps the area around a persons vision

? Deep eye pain, pain behind the eyes and/or unexplained headaches 



Floaters or flashes in the field of vision or partial decrease in vision, that is signs of possible detachment of the retina

Some caution: Never rub the affected eye and try and 


remove any splinters or objects stuck inside eye because accomplishing this may cause more damage. Navigate to the emergency room instead, the specialists advise.

Founded in 


1912 because the children's hospital at Johns Hopkins, the Johns Hopkins Children's Center offers just about the most comprehensive pediatric medical programs in the united 


states, treating more than 90,000 children each year. Hopkins Children’s is consistently ranked one of the top children's hospitals within the nation. Hopkins Children’s is 


Maryland's largest children’s hospital along with the only state-designated Trauma Service and Burn Unit for pediatric patients. It's recognized Centers of Excellence in a 


large number of pediatric subspecialties, including allergy, cardiology, cystic fibrosis, gastroenterology, nephrology, neurology, neurosurgery, oncology, pulmonary, and 


transplant. To read more, kindly visit www.hopkinschildrens.org 


Oakley Sunglasses Sale Obtain Feedback

2012-07-20 15:51

Oakley Sunglasses Polarized-blue/white

Oakley sunglasses sale-the variability evident in the event the same learner performs different tasks. Widdowson (1990) notes that people do not possesses a sufficiently well-defined style of cognitive complexity to establish such criteria and concludes that task-based syllabuses thus face precisely the same problem as linguistic syllabuses-they cannot be modeled on the sequence of language acquisition. close topics being far better for beginner learners and remote topics for additional advance learners, and also on local cultural cheap oakleys values and interests. This figure is definitely an work for balance this kind of general framework. with the task for the language learner. You'll find three teams of factors which learners are able to perform different tasks.e. Prabhu (1987 in Ellis 2003: 222) notes how the students inside Communicational Teaching Project (beginner learners in Indian secondary schools) found tasks through an oral input easier than tasks presented in writing. 

They include the utilization of pre-task activity, for instance, pre teaching the vocabulary needed to Oakley Sunglasses perform the duty or conducting a task exactly like the main task with all the assistance in the teacher, and planning time, i. concerns the amount of information to get processed-how many different elements or relationships involved. He bases this claims that indicates that one-way tasks promote less negotiation of meaning than two-way tasks. A choice of theme will be based on to your considerable extent on perhaps the pedagogic aim of the task-based course is general proficiency or some specific utilisation of the L2. / Psycholinguistic classification A psycholinguistic classification of tasks sets in the market to Oakley AAA Sunglasses set up a typology of tasks with regards to their risk of language learning. the knowledge contains changing events and activities just as a youtube video story, or bstract, i. Interaction requirement: this concerns whether the task requires participants to request and offer information or whether this is optional. The thematic content of tasks In Estaire and Zanon (1994) framework for developing a task-based unit of training, e.g., elect theme or interest area would be the terminus a quo. its lexical and syntactical complexity, is usually gonna influence the learner capacity to comprehend.
The machine is sycholinguistic inside sense that may be based on interactional categories which have been shown to Oakley Sunglasses Sale affect the opportunities learners ought to comprehend input, obtain feedback, also to modify his or her output. This is organized with regard to thematic areas which can be close or remote for the learner. Tasks involving pictures and diagrams frequently estimate courses created for learners of limited proficiency (by way of example, Prabhu 1987). At best then, cheap oakley sunglasses task classificat These differences in informatics demands, caused by design characteristics, are relatively fixed and invariant. It concerns the excellence between one-way and also-way tasks.

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